Tons of thoughts running through my head as I tackled on my first long course distance (2k swim, 56k bike, 15k run) at Multisport Canadas historical K-Town race. (Super intimidated by the distance!) I wasn’t originally planning to do this race or this distance, but had to change some things around with my racing season to fit into my schedule.

So….! I did it!

With only weeks bit to prepare for the longer distance and still balancing preparing for other races, I didn't go into the race feeling completely ready. I also had some achilles pain nagging me the days leading up to the race. So the goal was to just finish the race the best I could!


As usual, had tons of nerves, but feeling very lucky that two of my teammates Billy and Emma were racing and gave lots of tips having done the race course before. (check our their race reports!) 
& great support from Coach Mark about nutrition, race strategy and pacing for the distance.
BIG thanks to all the support & giving me lots of reassurance I would make it out alive..! Thank you!!! :)



SWIM (2km)
The water were warm, & being able to start in the pro/elite age group wave was really nice and less intimidating than I originally thought. I luckily drafted off Billy and Emma the entire swim. (thanks!) I had trouble sighting the buoys and relied a lot on just following their draft. I could definitely feel the distance during the swim though! Felt like it was never ending….! even though it’s just 500m more than the standard distance.



BIKE (56 km)
My calf and foot seized up with a cramp immediately when I was doing my mount on the bike..which wasn’t fun at all! So slow mount/ start to the bike, but after that, I quite enjoyed the ride! I’m pretty surprised at how my biking has improved over the last year. (Thanks Mark! :D) I’m finding that I’m enjoying instead of the dreading the bike now!
There was a headwind going out on the bike, but after the turnaround...it was super fun going fast!! Definitely feeling strong throughout the ride. Got the hang of how to gage effort on the uphills, maintain speed and effort on the downhills and flats.


RUN (15km)
Oh boy! This run was painful! With the heat and the distance, I had to really mentally brace myself for it. I knew I had to be smart about pacing and not go out too hard at the start (like usual)...so I kept it real conservative, but I could feel the distance start to get harder and harder.


Then… the blisters starting coming & all the rolling hills were an added challenge. I could feel and tell by my watch that I was going s-l-o-w!

Water never tasted so good too!! I went for it almost every aid station to for a sip and to dump water on myself. (Thanks Multisport Canada & volunteers!) Definitely a big mental game on the run!
Fortunately, it was a super super pretty route to be running on! So I enjoyed that part of the run!

hurting. but a finish! 

hurting. but a finish! 



It was a flight to finish, but I made it! Finished 4th place overall female and 2nd in the Elite female age group. I think I’m happy with my efforts on my first long course! Really makes me appreciate those who do the longer distances.
It’s something I want to revisit in the future for sure, but I can tell I’m definitely not ready for the longer stuff at the moment.

Overall Men & Females! 

Overall Men & Females! 


Despite not finishing feeling awesome, I am really proud of myself for completing this distance!

Post-race, I was completely broken wobbling around with blistered feet, tight calves, achilles, and hamstrings. The festivities Multisport Canada and Recharge with Milk put on helped immensely!

All the cheers from spectators calling out my name was super awesome!
Thanks to all who were cheering from near and far! Especially the support from friends at Blacktoe Running and Parkdale RoadRunners  <3


BIG thanks to Multisport Canada for putting on such a great race. Fun atmosphere, beautiful setting in downtown Kingston and by Lake Ontario. It was nice to be introduced as one of the Ambassadors for the series. If you have any questions or just want to chat, I'm here for ya!!