The START of it all!

I think the most fitting for my very first blog post is a bit of background into how and why it all started for me!

It started with running. It was accessible, an easy one to pick up for me...just needed shoes and some encouragement! I have definitely found both a personal and physical growth through running.

I took up running in high-school, joining the cross-country and track team. I found that I loved both the challenge of running and competing, but also more the people, teachers, and friends I met through joining a team. I think that’s what motivated me to continue running throughout high-school and university. 

It was through my involvement in the XC and Track teams that I met a teacher who was passionate about triathlon and introduced the sport to me. He was actually the one who taught me how to ride a bike in high-school around the school track! I heard of Kids of Steel through him, but never did a race, mainly because I was too scared! (Scared of biking and swimming, everything that a triathlon involved!)

That continued into University in London, ON. I was really keen to make Western University’s XC Varsity Team, but got super intimidated and realized I was nowhere good enough. Discouraged, I was happy to find and join the Western Triathlon’s Run Club. BUT this was still just running! :) 

It wasn’t until I became an executive member for Western Triathlon that I had to supervise some swims/spins which ‘forced’ me to finally jump into it all! … and I loved it!
I met some of my closest friends through the Western Triathlon Club and really credit all the people (friends, mentors, instructors) to helping me face fears, challenges, and step out of my comfort zone.

To this point, I was swimming was in a pool, I still only rode on a stationary bike and didn’t own any bikes. The University Multisport Series that I competed in University were all mostly combinations of swim/run or indoor swim/bike/run races. It wasn’t until near the end of my undergrad that I was convinced by a friend to give it a try!  & That’s what I did at Multisport Canada’s Gravenhurst race in 2010! It was my first ‘real’ triathlon, on a borrowed hybrid bike...still new to biking, and my first open water swim as well! All of those elements really made me rethink exactly what I got myself into, but stuck through and in the end I loved the whole experience!

From then, I continued to ‘train’ for triathlons, mainly to hang out with friends! However, without owning a bike...and still not confident with my riding skills, it was always a struggle to find someone to lend one just for I barely raced.
I just remembered it took tons of support and encouragement from friends, hour long phone-calls, even convincing a friend & sister to physically come with me to the race, arranging to borrow a bike, and tons of contemplation the night before to do my next race at the Multisport Canada Cobourg race in 2012 & I was glad I did!

The next stage of my life after undergrad brought me to Victoria, BC. Decided that I love the sport, I found a triathlon coach, and finally invested in my first road bike! 

I dabbled in some more specific training, raced some races, met awesome people, and saw improvements in my fitness and performance. That kept me going and I have since learned a great deal about myself along the way.

My journey through this sport is slow, but I am progressing further along and I’m definitely doing things now that I never thought I could!

Now, I’m back in Toronto, ON. Realizing how much having a coach has helped me, I found the Loaring Personal Coaching team and Mark Linseman. They have been honestly over & beyond with support and training. I cannot express enough how much I appreciate it all! I have found that I made larger strides as an athlete, seeing improvements in both my performance in triathlons and confidence in myself.

I’m currently competing as an age group athlete in both the Sprint & Olympic/Standard distances, hoping to gain elite status this season.

I was recently invited onto the LPC Hurdle Project: a not-for-profit support program for elite, future elite, and professional athletes with high performance goals, which has greatly helped in lowering triathlon related costs and that I get to train to other amazing inspiring athletes.

I’m also very fortunate to be on the 2016 Multisport Canada’s Recharge with Milk Ambassador Team. They have been there from the start of my journey in triathlons and I can’t wait to explore more of the great races they put on in their series.

I got a FULL season this summer! & I’m excited for it all! :)